The end of an era

Come of Monte Vista’s most revered teachers and counselors are moving on for other adventures.

Nathan James, Staff Writer

As another year comes to an end, Monte Vista prepares to say goodbye to this year’s seniors.  It will also bid farewell to some teachers and counselors who are ready to take the next step in their lives.

The teachers and counselors who are retiring at the end of this school year are the following: Ms. Lamson, Ms. Whalen, Ms. Uriarte, Ms. Glimme and Ms. Buckley.

Ms. Lamson has counseled at Monte Vista for 10 years and became a counselor because she loves talking with kids and wanting to help them discover their strengths.

“I wanted to make a difference based on my own high school experience,” Ms. Lamson said.  “It’s a good fit for my personality and I really care about kids.”

The most rewarding part of counseling for Ms. Lamson is helping kids develop as human beings.

“Helping kids in need, that’s definitely the most rewarding part,”  Ms. Lamson said.  “Helping kids get into college, and giving support to them when no one else is there to support them are other benefits.”

Her parting message to the students of Monte Vista is one of encouragement.

“For those who are overly stressed, I want them to be good to themselves and not be so self-critical of themselves,”  Ms. Lamson said.  “Students are okay just the way they are,  if they accept themselves and believe in themselves, good things will happen.”

Ms. Lamson’s plans for the future include starting up a private counseling practice with Ms. Whalen, and continuing to work for UC Davis admissions.

Ms. Whalen has worked at Monte Vista since 1985 and transferred to counseling in 2001.

“Counseling has allowed me to meet and work with students and families from diverse backgrounds,” Ms. Whalen said.  “MV students have amazing talent, passion, commitment, bravery, heart, and resilience.”

There are many rewarding parts of counseling for Ms. Whalen.

“Assisting students in finding their voice and confidence to problem-solve issues that arise during high school…academic or personal…Providing support to students and families who are overcoming external pressures/stressors and assisting students with them,”  Ms. Whalen said.  “Another rewarding part is working with many students over four-year periods, and to watch them develop into excited and optimistic (always more confident) senior.”

Her parting message to kids is to explore their interests and their talents; she also encourages students to keep an open mind and find their passion.

Ms. Whalen’s plans for the future are developing a private counseling practice with Ms. Lamson, and exploring more thoroughly her own interests.

Ms. Uriarte has taught at Monte Vista for 10 years teaching both French and Spanish, and has received much satisfaction in helping students learn a foreign language.

“The most (in-class) rewarding part of teaching is taking a class of highly successful and less successful kids and bring the less successful kids to the level that I need them at,” Ms. Uriate said.  “The second thing that’s rewarding is watching the kids become fluent in a new language.”

Ms. Uriarte also has some parting words for the students at Monte Vista.

“These students are the easiest to teach, the most well-behaved I have ever taught, and they are the smartest,” Ms. Uriarte said.  “To end my teaching of ten years here at Monte Vista with the skills and talent that the kids have here at Monte Vista is just phenomenal.”

Ms. Uriarte plans to travel to Europe and learn two new languages: Catalan and Basque, she also wants to continue tutoring and will start up a business of tutoring.

Ms. Glimme has taught history at Monte Vista for 16 years, and has a family legacy of teachers.  She feels very close to her classes that she teaches.

“I’m retiring in part because I can’t imagine being any closer to the classes I have, because I’ve always felt that they’ve had my back,” Ms. Glimme said.  “I want them to care about their country.”

Her parting message for Monte Vista is filled with patriotism.

“I want them to care about their country, to feel that they have a responsibility to their country, and that only they can make a difference,”  Ms. Glimme said.

Her plan for the future is becoming a doula- someone who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to the mother before, during and just after birth; or who provides emotional and practical support during the postpartum period.

Ms. Buckley has taught English at Monte Vista for 13 years, and always wanted to be a teacher.

“I decided on English because I love to read and write, and I appreciate how powerful words are,” Ms. Buckley said.

The most rewarding part for Ms. Buckley is motivating students and watching kids learn something.

“Trying to light the spark in unmotivated kids and help them realize the importance of English,”  Ms. Buckley said.

Her parting words for Monte Vista students are filled with wisdom.

“Find your passion in life, be successful in life and by that I mean searching for what makes you feel fulfilled and happiness will follow,”  Ms. Uriarte said.

Her plans for the future include taking a river cruise through Portugal and Spain, moving to a new house and making time to read.

Monte Vista will greatly miss these beloved counselors and teachers.