Student photographer travels the world

Gabby Garcy, Staff Writer

A senior has traveled around the world, having adventures of a lifetime and capturing them along the way with her camera.

Maddie Maloon began photography many years ago, as she takes on the world through her camera lense. Maddie, a senior here at Monte Vista, has became involved in photography through her father. When she was younger she would borrow her father’s camera to take shots, until eventually one day he gave Maddie her very own camera.

The fascinating thing is that Maddie is not just taking her snapshots in Danville, but travels the world to take her photos. She has traveled to Africa 11 times, mostly to Southern Africa. She has been to Botswana, Namibia, and, Zimbabwe. Not stopping there she has also ventured to South America, Central American countries, Australia, and Europe.

While on her adventures Maddie’s favorite shots are of animals.

“I’ve always been been a huge animal person and I love to capture shots of them” Maddie said.

Maloon has even had some scary adventures among the animals as while on a safari in Botswana an male elephant starting charging Maloon and her family!

“My brother could feel the breathing of the elephant as he ran besides us!” maddie said.

In another encounter with wild animals her car got stuck right next to a pride of lions who had just made a kill. She was just six years old when she lived this exciting adventure!

When she is not photographing animals, you can find her taking pictures of natural landscape shots.

Every adventure Maddie takes with her parents and two brothers is a different experience. Her dad teaches her new photography techniques so she is constantly improving as a photographer.

She has learned to use, IPhoto to clean her photos but other than that her work is taken straight from nature.

Maddie uses a Nikon camera, given to her by her dad. With the exception of scarcely using a wide angle lense.

Maddie is going away to Cal Poly in the fall.

Before she heads off to college she has trips lined up to Nicaragua, Brazil, and Mt. kilimanjaro in Tanzania. where she comments

“I definitely will be continuing my photography!”

She will be capturing even more perfect pictures there!