Squalid Restrooms


Daniel Carpentier Balough, Sports Editor

Nobody enjoys public restrooms, that’s a fact, but that does not give people the right to utterly destroy the restrooms as we have at Monte Vista.

It’s no secret that the restrooms at this school are disgusting. In fact it is pretty much accepted that you put your life in your own hands every time you venture into the restroom. It is often better to ‘hold it’ than to venture into the smoke laden and fecal matter covered rooms.

But why?

The answer is not that our janitors do their job poorly, as many students would like to believe, but rather the fact that students at Monte Vista act like pigs in restrooms.

For those of you who are oblivious as to what the inside of one of our restrooms look like, I’ll put it simply and say that they more closely resemble porta-potties then actual bathrooms. The floors are covered with urine, the walls have wet balls of paper thrown up against them, the toilets are clogged up, and more often than not fecal matter doesn’t find its way into the toilet.

All of these things and more are all preventable issues that lie with the students. The simple fact is that students have no right to complain about whats wrong until they right their wrongs. Students need to accept responsibility for what goes on in the restrooms and clean up their act.

The reason being is that at present the janitorial staff has to take responsibility for what goes on in the bathroom, and that is just wrong. Just because someone is a janitor does not mean that their job title includes demeaning work like cleaning up the fecal matter of students.

It is time that we come together and learn to clean up our act or else spend the rest of our time at Monte Vista swimming in shit.