How to deal with ‘bad’ teachers

How to deal with bad teachers

Not everyone was born to teach others.

It takes a certain character/personality to be a teacher. For one, teachers should be understanding. Everyone has their struggles in life and high school students specifically, are only beginning to understand how to properly deal with these struggles and overcome them.

Teachers are not only instructors, but they can also be role models. They share their experiences with their students through various forms of teaching.

However, there are some teachers who, quite frankly, can’t teach. Not to worry! With our guide, you will be reassured that you can survive any bad teacher’s class unscathed.

Here are some things that you should do:

  1. Talk to your peers. Instead of complaining, try interacting with your peers. You can all relate with each other.
  2. Meet with the teacher. Set up a meeting with the teacher to discuss the different ways you can improve yourself in the class. Who knows? Maybe you will settle your differences.
  3. Be objective. Instead of simply blaming the teacher, try to adjust to his or her style of teaching and make the best of it. Maybe you’ll learn something new.
  4. Change your grade expectations. Make adjustments to your goals in the class to better fit to your expectations.
  5. Stay Positive! Perception plays a bigger role in your outlook than you may think. If you think negatively, there won’t be any improvement to the situation.


And here are some things that you should not do:

  1. Panic. This teacher is driving you crazy! As much as you may not want to, it’s totally worth your effort. Don’t take deep breaths and react to the teacher’s every antics. Follow this tip: when there’s panic, when there’s doubt, run in circles, scream and shout…and let it all out.
  2. Don’t report the teacher. We know it may be tempting to report the teacher to administration, but don’t do it. Set her car on fire instead…while you’re at it, make some s’mores.
  3. Complain in class. If step two fails you, you need to take drastic measures. The only people who get anywhere are those who speak the loudest. Complaining will help you achieve what you want.
  4. Incite a rebellion. Just as the Frenchies  overthrew their monarchy with a ruthless rebellion, you too can topple the dictatorship of a bad teacher by getting the whole class on your side. Guillotine optional. MVR!