Playing with passion


Nathan James, Staff Writer

Four MVHS students have formed a new band, which played for the first time at last month’s winter rally.

The group’s members are senior Isaiah David-Kim, senior Noah Congdon, sophomore Daniel Roth, and freshman Kyle Wooten.  Senior Ben Pollack is also involved and has stood in for an absent band member.

During the performance, Noah and Ben played the guitar, Daniel was on drums, and Isaiah was the lead singer.  They played the White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army” at the winter rally.  Kyle has just recently joined the band and did not perform at the rally.

Noah said it was Isaiah’s idea to perform at the winter rally and that Isaiah had wanted to perform for the school for a long time.

“I really wanted to do it, it was something new,” David-Kim said.  “I’ve always loved live music and I wanted to give the experience to someone else.”

Isaiah had the idea since freshman year, and he already knew Noah at the time.

“We’ve been jamming together since freshman year,” David-Kim said.

Ben talked about the band right before the rally.

“The band formed right before the winter rally, rehearsing the week before,” Pollack said.

Since then, the band continues to be active.

They rehearse their own songs as well as covering other songs written by outside artists.

Other songs and artists they cover include “Glycerine” by Bush, “A-Team” by Ed Sheeran, “Under the Bridge” by Red Hot Chili Peppers, “Lonely Boy” by Black Keys, and an original song written by Daniel called “Back at the End.”

The band members play multiple instruments and switch around positions.

The band currently does not have a name but things are starting to become more serious.

“People want us to be serious,” David-Kim said.  “We want to give the people what they want.”

The members love performing because they can involve the crowd to enrich the experience.

“I want to let the audience know that I feel pumped, and make the audience feel the same way,” David-Kim said.

Daniel also commented on why involving the crowd is crucial in the band’s performances.

“It can be interpreted different ways… I want it to speak to people.”

Ben gave his opinion on music and the possibility of performing with the band again.

“I think music is a great way of expression because it sometimes is easier to express meaning that isn’t words,” Pollack said.   “If I’m asked to perform again, I’d love to.”

Lead guitarist Noah Congdon, who also played drums at the rally, stated, “I’m very passionate, I love to listen to and play music.”  “It’s what I do, it’s a lifetime hobby.”

Noah is also in two other bands outside of school, Floating Islands and Starlighter.

Singer and rhythm guitarist Daniel said he would be open to the band someday exploring options in New York or Los Angeles.

“It would be cool but I feel school should be number one for now,” Daniel said.  “Going to Los Angeles or New York would be a blessing, music is a huge part of my life.”

Isaiah discussed the band’s hopes for future performances.

“For now, we are looking to do more shows and hope to play at Senior Ball and Graduation Night,”  David-Kim said.

Isaiah has looked into musical colleges, and is considering applying to one of them.

“Part of me wants to be a rockstar,” Isaiah said.  “It’s a dream.”

The band was enthusiastically received by students, who tweeted that they hope to hear them again soon.