Mr. Mustang Q&A

Meet Mr. Mustang 2015, Matt Wunsch!

Melody Schwartz and Shea Cummings, Senior Staff Writer and Staff Writer


Q: How long has it been your dream to win Mr. Mustang?

A: My mom really pushed me to win. I studied the judge’s pasts so I would win. I was forced to take Mr. Connor on a date and was forced to do seven hours straight of Pre-Calc with Mr. Peña.


Q: What was your favorite part about Mr. Mustang?

A: We went back stage and we had a spiritual awakening of the bodies.


Q:How long did you guys practice for?

A: We practiced 17.


Q: Do you plan on participating in any future pageants in your life?

A: I’m always down to show my body off to older people.


Q: How many people address you as Mr. Mustang?

A: Every person I’ve met so far has bowed down to me and carried me on my throne.


Q: How did you feel when you won?

A: I couldn’t stand it. It felt as good as getting it.


Q: Who was most excited for your win?

A: My dear mother. She gave me people food that night as a celebration.


Q: Who would win a fist fight between a taco and a grilled cheese sandwich?

A: The taco because it can use its insides against the grilled cheese, unlike the grilled cheese that is all sticky.


Q: Who do you think had the best acts this year?

A: The woodcutter had the best ax.


Q: Why did you participate in Mr. Mustang?

A: A lot of the contestants were really friendly and wanted me to do it.


Q: What color is the dress?

A: Oh God. I hate that dress.