#Throwback: How would you improve MV?

What improvements do current MV students think should be brought to our school?

Ryan Motter 12

“More dodgeball weeks”


Alex Wood 10

“Return the 3 million dollars for the parking lot.”

“Move the school to a location with less traffic.”

“I want a restaurant right across the street.”

“I want to make plural of sophomores sophomores.”


Mary Mikaili 10

“Get rid of the parking lot”

“Get rid of cliques.”


Nancy Tong 11

“I don’t want people stepping on the grass.”

“I want better friday bulletins.”


Michael Clamens 9

“We should have less homework.”


Baylee Betts 10

“I wish we could have more spirit at school including the teachers.”


Max Miller 10

“I want there to be more support for under recognized sports.”


“More dragons and kilts”

Quinn Moldyk, 12


“Have a petting zoo”

Becca Simor,12


“Everything is good”

Lauren Louie,11


“Change the fact that you’re wearing clothes”



“Change the vibe at MV”

Kyle Holleschau, 12


“Able to leave at lunch”

Andie Cunningham 11

“Allow hookah pens”
Westin Lightfoot 12