The truth about the greek system

Gabby Garcy, Staff Writer


Sexual Assault is a big concern today on the Nation’s college campuses. Many college campuses geared up in the past weeks to address this issue. The statistics from Time Magazine state that 1 in 5 college students has been a victim of sexual assault and only 1 percent of the assaulters are actually punished.

Many campuses three weeks ago kicked off different programs to bring awareness about sexual assault on campus and a voice to end it.

Cal Berkeley was among many of the campuses across the country that put in efforts to stop this crime.

With all this coverage in the media it gives the paved pathways of sorority rows and fraternity homes a bad wrap.

But, many are uneducated about all the positive aspects of fraternities. These organizations are set up to build brotherhoods and sisterhoods and also give back to the community with philanthropic work.

Many sororities are centered around a cause. For example, Delta Gamma centers their philanthropic work around sight.

Like any college campus, sexual assault is unfortunately a phenomenon that cannot be avoided, and it is not just fraternities that should be pinned with the label of these lewd acts.

Many who do point fingers have not fully researched their facts.

Fraternities are organizations you can join in your college years but, stays with you into your adult life. They all offer alumni associations around the country to stay connected with your organization. Many of these alumni donate their time to help direct new members to stay on the right path. So, when they say sisterhood or brotherhood is for life, it is a true statement.

While joining the many names of greek letters many perceive these students as excessive party-goers, but truth be told most college students or people in their twenties in college are partying. What many don’t know is that the greek system often and commonly requires a certain GPA in to stay active in pantropic. These students are dedicated to their classes in addition to their service hours.

Fraternities and sororities do the infamous “rush” that many may argue is wrong. A way to make others feel less because, they may not get their top pick in houses. The reality is the homes do this on purpose, working hard to select someone who is the right fit for both the house and themselves.


Sorority members put in a significant amount of time during the week between in their inner chapter to service hours. This does not include the strict rules that sorority members must follow, something an outsider looking in doesn’t always see.

The greek system gives women and men a base to call home when they are away at their four years of college.

    The stereotypes are just stereotypes. The greek system can’t get the full blame for what a majority of college students participate in.  It gives men and women the ability to join an organization that grows young women and men.