Athletes or celebrities?

Shea Cummings, Staff Writer

Sports season never really has an end. There’s constantly some form of ball playing or activity going on, professional and not. This gives you plenty of time to run into athletes, professional and not, around the town. What society has began to notice during these encounters is the fact that athletes are becoming progressively more and more snobby.

Over the years,  the popularity of certain sports has risen, and with that, the cockiness of those playing. What causes this you ask? The attention they get from the audience.

In public places, or even on a school campus, it can be satisfying for an athlete to receive congratulatory remarks from their friends, family, or die-hard fans. However, this attention can lead them to believe that they are above others, and cause them to act out in ways that make them appear to be spoiled brats.

Recently these events seem to be occurring more and more often. At the Chow Restaurant in Danville, a 49’ers wide receiver yelled at an innocent bartender because his salad came later than he was willing to wait.

Taking anger out on innocent people and acting like you’re above them is unnecessary, but even high school athletes tend to act that way occasionally. Even teammates have started to notice these changes.

“Sports are becoming increasingly more important, and people feel the need to act higher than others if they’re a star on the field” junior Danielle Goldman said.

This is understandable, but sometimes athletes just need to realize that it can be unacceptable.