Newest iPad on the market


For Halloween there’s no tricks, only treats at the Apple store-the new iPad Air 2 has arrived! The iPad has a better display and is known for processing information 40% quicker. It is equipped with a better camera than the first iPad Air.

It includes a touch ID scanner, which is on the iPhone 5s and up, and comes in three new colors: space gray, silver, and the most popular, gold. It’s 18% thinner than the original iPad Air, the sleek, thin build of this new iPad is more efficient to carry around and it has a longer battery life than the previous iPads.

“This new version is meant to appeal to consumers of all ages,” said Alfonzo Fernandez, an employee at the Apple store in Walnut Creek. “People love new,” ‘It’s like buying the newest iPhone model,’

Fernandez said. “Fortunately, the price is the same as the original iPad Air last year, since Apple has discontinued their 32 GB option for this device; There are only 16 and 64 GB options with wifi and 128 GB with 4G.

It’s thinner build invokes it to be “bendable” like the new iPad Air 2 is bendable like the iPhone 6/6 Plus, which can be a positive and negative aspect of the newest device.

It is a positive because this makes the iPad thinner and more durable, but it can also be a negative because the thinness degrades some of the build quality.

Erin Jacobs, a customer at the Apple Store in Walnut Creek, seemed to be contemplating buying either the new iPad Air 2 or the original one. “I think I’m leaning more towards the second one because it’s lighter, the quality of pictures is better, and it’s almost the same price. And with the new technology apps such as Apple Pay will be able to run on this device. Jacobs is also drawn to the ID scanner on the new model because it, “Seems safer than the other versions.”

Since the originally iPad came out in 2011, it has been a smashing hit in the market. What makes it so popular with people is it’s like a portable computer, rather than carrying a large laptop if you are traveling, you can store your information and use the iPad on vacation or on the go.

So if you are wanting to purchase a new device, it makes more sense to go with the version with greater design, faster processing, and the latest technology available. Fernandez said, “It has everything the iPad air has but better.”