Comahoax: Man Fakes a Coma for Two Years

A man in Wales is caught faking a coma after two years in order to avoid a lawsuit, only to be hit with an even bigger one

A man in Wales faked having a coma for the past two years in order to avoid being charged for stealing over £40,000 ($64,000).

On October 21, Alan Knight, 47, faced trial, and was found guilty for over 19 counts of forgery, fraud, theft, and relative jerkitude. He stole over £40,000 from his elderly neighbor’s bank account, who suffers with Alzheimer’s disease, over two years ago.

Until recently,  Knight has faced zero charges because he staged a neck injury, which he and his wife claimed paralyzed Knight from the chest down. The two then claimed that his neck injury was so severe, the man would sometimes fall into a coma. The two worked together in secret, operating from their home hoping not to attract attention towards Knight, his “ailment,” and his previous theft for about two years.

Helen Knight, Knight’s wife, was Knight’s accomplice throughout the crime’s duration; helping him feign his alleged neck injury, speaking on his behalf, and even taking photographs to verify his sickness.

Helen Knight wrote into the South Wales Evening Post, claiming that the two even received a letter from their doctor after a visit stating that Alan Knight was in fact “quadriplegic and in a comatose condition, bed-bound at home” after his neck injury.

After it was revealed that the man’s disease was faked, the author of said letter did not come forward. However, the letter ‘s origin remains a mystery, yet still yielding only two motivations for this doctor: either the doctor owed the two a favor, or Mr. Knight’s performance as a comatose man was so spectacular, that he must consider acting as Sleeping Beauty in future productions.

After suspicion began to arise, the police were able to track Knight’s supermarket card activity and then security camera footage of Knight driving to the store and walking around in said market.

Judge Paul Thomas presided over the trial held for Knight on October 21.

unnamed-2“The conditions he claims to be suffering from are simply nonexistent,” Judge Thomas said. “His illnesses coincide with impending court appearances. I do not believe the symptoms are genuine.”

After being found guilty by the jury, Alan Knight received his sentence of four and a half years in prison on November 7.