Snack days

Throughout the school day, one thing remains certain, we’re hungry. Eating breakfast at seven in the morning and then lunch at noon can prove to be a little bit of a time crunch.

It seems that teachers are catching on to this dilemma as the years go on. Recently, you can see an increase on the number of snack days in some classes.

When I say snack days, I literally mean days where students can bring in snacks for the rest of the class to enjoy.

Now this isn’t a one-man team sort of deal. Usually students will sign up for particular days when they are suppose to bring in snacks for themselves, their classmates, and maybe even their teachers.

Technically, students aren’t required to participate in these days but are very much so urged on by their fellow classmates. More food, more fun.

Teachers who participate in these snack days see them as a way to lift up students’ spirits on otherwise uniform weekdays.

Nicole Messian, an MV advisory teacher loves to take part in snack days.

“Food is a social thing and every now and then, students need a break from the school rigor to just enjoy a snack and casually chat with their classmates,” Nicole Messian said.

Some teachers also see snack days as great ways to bond with your classmates. Taking a couple minutes one day out of the week and spending some quality time with your classmates can prove to be crucial when trying to develop a comfortable workplace at school.

History teacher Gina Henehan sees snack days as a way to bridge the different social groups in class together.

“Sharing food breaks down all the barriers in group cliques on campus,”  Henehan said. “It brings the class together and they look forward to class.”