Luke Brian concert or Homecoming?

October holds fun activities that are the talk among many people, but the main buzz in October is always Homecoming.

As the theme is Stampede World Wide, it has a variety of new dress up days that get all of the student body involved.

Dress up days, class competitions, and the Homecoming Football game are some of the many traditions that build up to the ever so fun Homecoming dance on Saturday night.

This year on Saturday, October 18th there is the additional chatter of many students debating about not attending the dance. It seems many teens are conflicted about either attending the dance or the Luke Brian concert.

Both events offer two very separate atmospheres, however, country concerts have risen in popularity causing Monte Vista students to be more than willing to hang up the tradition of Homecoming and put on the country cowboy boots.

Is it worth it for the student body to miss out on a dance that we as students only get the ability to attend for four years of our lives? In the moment it may seem like a concert is another fun alternative, but students begin to lose track of the traditional pre-party pictures and the traditional homecoming askings.

Concerts are events that can be attended any time if desired but homecoming only happens once a year and sets a tone for the school year. It is also the only formal dance that holds the tradition that includes all grade levels getting to be together.

It is left up to the individual students, who will decide which event they will attend on the night of October 18th this fall season.