Go buy your own

Don’t you have somewhere to be? Aren’t you a little old for trick or treating? Can’t you just go buy your own sugar?

These are just a few examples of the types of questions confused and annoyed parents will be asking this Halloween.

The phenomenon of kids going door to door asking for candy would be considered creepy and vaguely pedophilic on any other day of the year. But somewhere down the line, society decided it was alright as a celebration of the year’s scariest holiday.

Like a lot of things in life, there reaches a point where this practice of begging for candy crosses the line between cute and obnoxious. I only wish more of my peers could see this line.

Besides, it’s not like trick or treating is the only way to celebrate this holiday. Halloween is built for celebrations with friends. Whether it’s watching scary movies, visiting a haunted house, eating peeled grapes (eyes) and spaghetti (brains) or just making spiderweb design cupcakes, there’s a vice for everyone.

If candy is a must for you, here’s a thought, go buy some! It’s sold in bulk this time of year for parents to give out to the adorable little kids in your neighborhood, so it’s not hard to acquire.

The bottom line is that under no means do I hate candy or the holiday in general, I just find it strange that I seem to be the only one seeing what’s wrong with the picture of people my age and older trolling the streets and taking candy away from the 2 foot tall fireman on the corner.