Is Snowglobe still safe?

With cool weather brings the talk of long pants, warm sweaters, and the changing color of leaves. Many students at Monte Vista are looking more forward to changing weather bringing the annual Snowglobe Music Festival.

This festival, taking place from the 29th through 31st of December will host the major performers Disclosure, Flume, Porter Robinson, Skrillex, and Zedd. Other performers to look forward to include Atmosphere, Cherub, Flux Pavilion, and Trippy Turtle.

What’s almost as good as the lineup is the venue in which these musicians will be performing. Located at Lake Tahoe Community College in South Lake Tahoe, the concert is outdoors in the night time.

The snow globe music festival is now said with a negative connotation. Last year, 19 year old Alyssa Bryne was found dead in the snow three days after she was walking back to her hotel in Nevada. No foul play was suspected, she was walking home after midnight from the festival intoxicated, when she fell into the snow. By the next morning, the snow had completely covered her.

“No snow fell on the night of the festival, but temperatures hovered between zero and 10 degrees,” said Sgt. Pat Brooks, a spokesman for the Douglas County, Nevada, Sheriff’s department.

What happened to Bryne was a tragedy, and family and friends will remember her for the rest of their lives. Yet this should not shy people away from buying a ticket. Bryne’s death was a series of possibly avoidable events. Officers stationed at the event noted some issues in regards to how the participants got to and from the festival.

“There were transportation issues. There were quite long lines of people who attended the event. (Some) elected to walk back instead of taking the shuttle busses,” said Brooks.

As long as a clear plan is set forth on rides and you attend with a group, Snowglobe is a fun and safe musical experience. With the buddy system and other precautions in place, the likelihood of an incident is greatly reduced.

While many adult figures say this festival promote underage drinking and drug use, they do not realize this music festival is so much more. The main purpose stated by the managers of Snow globe is “We believe in the power of music — we believe in the community it brings together. As long as there are like-minded individuals seeking both, Snowglobe will be there.”

Snowglobe is not a party. It’s not an event you go to with your friends in your free time. Like most music festivals and concerts, it speaks to you and stays with you. It affects how you see the world.

With that in mind, I have already purchased my tickets and am counting down the days until I can be up in the mountains, spending time with friends, celebrating the holidays, and listening to good music.