iPhone 6 hits the market

Whether it’s online or at the Monte Vista campus, Apple fanatics are currently raving about one thing and one thing only: the iPhone 6.

With its recent release on the market just a few weeks ago, many are thinking about upgrading their smartphones. However, before they spend up to over $1,000 on this new product, they should first see whether it’s worth it.

At Apple stores today, hoards of people line along the streets, stretching several blocks, all to purchase their brand new phones. Already, iPhone 6 sales for Apple are nearing 20 million. Online, the iPhone 6 gets glowing reviews. But just what makes this product so special?

Compared to the 5s, the updated version has a taller and wider screen, which makes many compare it to the Android’s design.

“It’s not the same,” said senior Natalie Coffin. “Practically, the only difference from the Android is the home screen button.”

In addition, there are few software improvements. The iPhone 5s has 10 hours of video playback, but the updated one only has 11 hours, a minor difference.

While the iPhone 6 screen is larger by a couple of inches, the images aren’t any sharper or clearer. The image quality for the new smartphone’s camera isn’t improved either.

However, many people are clamoring to buy the new iPhone anyways, because of its special appeal and the brand power of Apple.

“But if design and intuitiveness is more up your street then the iPhone 6 is the one to spend your money on,” said Andrew Williams, an author at Trusted Reviews, a well known technology reviewer.

Despite how few updates were made to the iPhone, to many iPhone fans, the Verizon commercial slogan, “Only… the iPhone” is completely true. Even if there are better alternatives, the Apple cult will prefer Apple products to anything else.