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Crossfit is a relatively new style of exercise that invokes the utilization of every muscle group of the body through a combination of body weight exercises and par corps style movement.

This intense workout has become a popular phenomenon at Monte Vista, as student athletes utilize it to supplement their own sports training, or just to get their bodies in the best shape possible.

Christina Rodriguez, a personal trainer at Crunch fitness, is a huge proponent of Crossfit training.

“The reason Crossfit is so effective is because it combines all aspects of exercise, like cardio and weight training, in order to maximize results,” trainer Rodriguez said.

Another positive aspect of Crossfit training is the flexibility of location. A person can do Crossfit anywhere, with anything, because it is more dependent on your own physical ability rather than the assistance of a machine.

Exercises that are typically found in a Crossfit circuit include body weight push ups, burpees, box jumps, pull ups, and high intensity sprints. These exercises combine to form a workout that simultaneously burns calories and builds muscle.

Junior Lauren Lambertson is one of the many students who does Crossfit training. She uses it as a supplement to her training for Cross Country, and to stay in shape in the off season.

“What Crossfit does is enhance your muscle strength and increase your stamina, which allows you to push harder, go faster, and work longer,” junior Lauren Lambertson said.

Crossfit training also involves the weight lifting, which is optimal for individuals who want to build their muscle mass. Lifting has been proven to increase the percentage of fat burning during a workout by over 4%.

However, for women who want to burn calories but not build too much mass, a Crossfit workout can be specifically adjusted to accommodate those goals.

“It makes me more versatile in not only running, but also strength and endurance. It’s a great way to burn calories,” said junior Abby Preiss.

Monte Vista offers a sixth period Crossfit class, which is taught by Mr. Lum and Mr. Rodgers. Students in search of an effective thorough workout take this class in order to receive hands on training during school.

Another benefit of taking the Crossfit class at Monte Vista is that you don’t have to pay the sometimes pricey fees that gyms and trainers charge. Through the class, you get just as much guidance and tips as you would at a professional gym, the same invested trainers, and the same equipment, all while earning a p.e credit.

Crossfit is extremely effective for any athlete looking to improve their strength and stamina, and is an optimal training supplement for the majority of spots here at Monte Vista.