A sample of new technology

Photo credit: cnet.com

Photo credit: cnet.com

Everyday new technology is created or refined. Some of those new gadgets are now available for your average person. This doesn’t mean that they are inexpensive, new gadgets rarely are, it means that you can just go to a store like Office Depot or the mall to get one.

Projected displays that you can interact with directly use to be found only in sci fi films. Now an ordinary household can have a laser projected keyboard. Small enough to fit in your hand, this small box connects to your computer and projects a keyboard on to a flat surface. This device averages around $150-200 in stores.

Just about everyone has a smartphone now. Imagine if that smartphone could bend. While there may not be much applicable use for it in a phone, there is in watches. Smart watches aren’t the newest of devices but have until recently only been usable for fitness tracking. The Samsung gear being a prime example of this. Now along with the Samsung Galaxy 5, the Samsung gear 2 is being released while of similar design to the first where the rectangular screen bends around the wrist. The Gear 2 has much more capabilities like receiving emails and reading and send texts. There are also talk about how apple and google will also be releasing smart watches in the future. Currently the Samsung Gear 2 is about $300.

These two are only a small sample of many new technology that are being released and are in stores now. With new technology continued to be created there are many interesting gadgets to use.