A concert to remember

A concert to remember

Miley Cyrus’s 2014 Bangerz tour: smoking, drinking, twerking, and dancing gorillas.

What would it be like to attend such a concert with your own mother? Most can agree, that it would be awkward, and there are many reasons why the concert could cause so much discomfort.

During her performances, Miley sings in a bedazzled costume covered in patterns of weed, throws money to her fans, and performs with background dancers dressed in gorilla suits.

From personal experience, attending the concert with your mom can be enjoyable until things start to get a little crazy.

Throughout the audience, people could be seen holding inflated bananas while twerking on top of chairs. The concert had a humorous vibe – many adults were acting like teenagers themselves.

Thankfully, my mom was the kind of parent who didn’t mind the chaos and it was easy for her to laugh it off.

“It’s just reality and we have to learn to accept it’s normal for people to behave that way,” Carmen Mitlin said.

Not only does Miley’s crazy behavior make the concert awkward to attend with your mother, but also having to sit behind an overly affectionate couple can be a little too much. It got to the point where I ended up telling my mom  “I feel really uncomfortable,” and “This feels awkward.” Half an hour through the concert, my mother and I were making sour faces at the couple if front of us who wouldn’t stop kissing.

Like her music, Miley’s new Bangerz tour has brought up a lot of controversy and is causing more gossip to spread around social media and magazines. Some parents don’t seem to mind her strange behavior, as a matter a fact, a lot of young children were seen at the concert around the toddler age. Little girls around the age of seven were seen walking around in Miley Cyrus shirts.

The overall question is… how do parents feel about their kids attending such a wild concert? Many students feel that going to the crazy concert is no big deal at all, but some parents worry about their children attending Miley’s scandalous performance.

“My parents were worried and heard reviews about the concert before and weren’t all up for me to go,” junior Sophie Bahmani said.

Other parents like my mom, were completely okay with having their kids attend the hyped up tour.

“My parents thought it was cool that me and a couple friends were going, they didn’t really have anything against it, and my mom said she was jealous and wanted to go with us,” junior Nikki Craft said.

Although Miley’s way of expressing her music may sound strange, some seem to be okay with her crazy choices. Many feel Miley’s strange behavior is a way to simply have fun.

“I think what makes her stand out the most is her twerking, her tongue, and her revealing outfits,” sophomore Kelly Miller said “It gets your attention.”

During her performance, Miley makes sure to include unique effects to liven up her show by adding graphic effects. These include, adding lights and fog machines to excite the audience, and background dancers dressed in crazy clothing, such as the male dancers wearing boxers.

It’s safe to say that  Mileys daring performance, has successfully managed to bring entertainment to many. In the end of her concert, Miley finishes off her performance with the song “Party in the USA” as fireworks go off for her grand finale.