Off Campus Adventures…Not Worth It?

Off Campus Adventures...Not Worth It?

San Ramon has it, so why can’t we? The age old question surrounding the off campus lunch debate has plagued MV students for years. But would being able to go off campus for lunch actually be such a good thing?

With the ability to venture towards a different food source comes a the somewhat daunting task of having to get back in time.

“I think the idea is cool, but I don’t think it’s super practical,” sophomore Sarah Joo said. “With only half an hour for lunch and MV being surrounded by houses and cows, getting anywhere, eating food, and getting back in time for your next class would be pretty difficult.”

She has a point. The limited timing would put many students in the uncomfortable position of continually being late for their 5th period classes, as Monte Vista is not close to any restaurants, unlike San Ramon. In order for this to be feasible, lunch would have to be longer, which could mean a cut to passing periods, or students would need to find a way to get out and back much more quickly.

The prospect of off campus lunches definitely has its perks, however, that make this an idea truly worth considering.

“Off campus lunch opportunities not only enrich students lives with more lunch options, they also make students a greater part of our local community, fostering respect and pride,” junior Noah Kouchekinia said.

Having the opportunity to get out of Monte Vista for a while would allow students to connect with different parts of the community and get a fresh outlook on the people around them.

“Additionally off campus lunch opportunities give students reason to mingle more and developed food based social connections they otherwise wouldn’t have,” Kouchekinia said. “Also sandwiches from the brass bear are amazing.”

So are we really missing out? It comes down to how willing you are to shuttle yourself and your friends around with a very limited time constraint. For students without drivers licences, this policy could lead to a lot of exclusion that simply doesn’t happen at San Ramon because everything is in walking distance.

“Would people get back on time? Well it depends on the car,” senior Dylan Chan said. “Overall it’s a good idea because it’d be really chill to be able to have more options for lunch.”

We also should keep in mind that San Ramon is considering getting rid of this policy altogether because it provides too many unnecessary distractions.

With a beautiful student center with decent food, should we really ask for more?