Quake rocks welcome dance – 1985

From the Stampede archives

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***Article taken from a 1985 version of el Mestengo, the predecessor to the Stampede***

Originally published by Lisa Moldenhauer

Monte Vista started the year rocking’ at the first Stag Dance. Friday the thirteenth, after the football game against Clayton Valley. For many, the Welcome Dance was a welcome back but for new freshmen the experience was a first.

Upon arrival at the dance, the mob, waiting to get in, was greeted by two police officers trying to control the crowd. The scene looked more like a riot because of all the pushing and shoving.

Once inside, people were dancing and the lights were flashing to the incredible blast of music provided by Bob Acton from the “Quake Sound and Light Show”.

Many people questioned whether he was actually from the Quake, which has recently been sold, but the Sound and Light Show is a different organization from the radio station. According to Greg Wilmore, Junior Class President, Bob action was trying a “new futuristic approach to the new styles in music.”

The theater was packed with people not only from Monte Vista, but from other schools.

Despite the superstitions of Friday the Thirteenth, , the Junior-Sponsored event turned out to be an incredible welcome back.



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