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Lauren Edelman
Lauren is taking her third year of Journalism as News Editor for the Stampede.  She's embarking into her senior year with high hopes - and high stress - for college preparation. Stop by the Danville Library - morning, day, and night - to see her studying, volunteering with youth, or spending her favorite pastime: reading! Lauren sacrifices rest with only four to five hours of sleep every night in order to participate in playing soccer as captain of her team, coaching a U12 Mustang soccer team, traveling, volunteering at Red Cross, NCL, and other organizations, and keeping up with her overpacked schedule.  Additionally, catch her at the hospital; she hopes to one day become an ICU or oncology Nurse Practitioner - maybe even a doctor...who knows?! A fair warning, don't get Lauren talking about Disney, Harry Potter, Catcher in the Rye, or anything British as she can rattle her mouth for hours about the subjects.

Lauren Edelman, News Editor

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Lauren Edelman