Second semester senior

Second semester senior

Zaran Baha, Senior Staff Writer

BREAKING NEWS: Seniors in high schools across the nation have caught one of the final stages of the extremely contagious illness known as senioritis: the second semester senior.

Monte Vista is home to what seems to be a countless number of victims of the wide spread illness, and can be found lingering about campus in a euphoric, carefree state of mind (watch out kids they might get you too).

We found senior Evan Rowe roaming about in the halls, and the hunger for success that once drove him to try to achieve excellence seems to have vanished, left behind in the convoluted world of a first semester senior.

“ I really don’t care anymore and it’s nice not caring,” Rowe said.

Now don’t be fooled by his laid back mentally and think that that it’s good; a monster lives within this student, and it’s eating the drive and success right out of him.

Rowe isn’t the only victim of this sweeping pandemic.

“It’s strange, it feels like I’m done, but there’s still work to do, like in a state of limbo,” senior Spencer Sallander said.

So what leads to this devastating and revolting disease that causes the lack of ambition of so many? What can you do? Here’s a list of what can help you:

  1. Read more! Literary masterpieces, such as The Cat in the Hat, The Cat in the Hat Comes Back, Green Eggs and Ham, Fox in Sox, and Eye-Spy, though are difficult reads, challenge the mind and help construct a masterful vocabulary that will surely come in handy over the course of college, and frankly, the rest of our lives!
  2. Do your work! Given that it’s also the teachers second semester, not all work should be completed, but some should! Simple and random answers are also highly suggested as your  teachers couldn’t care any less.
  3. Apply what you learn from school into your daily lives! Instead of going out with friends, making memories, and living in the prime of your youth to the fullest extent, calculate the perimeter of your house, find the area of your TV, find out how to break chemical bonds. These are all useful tools that mathematics and science have taught us and we will use everyday of our lives outside of school!
  4. Look like a million bucks everyday! This time period of second semester, usually follows with the excess in wearing of the sweatpants, large and baggy clothing, slippers and hair that is in less than pristine shape. Don’t let the bum look of the second semester senior get to you kids!
  5. Remember there’s only four short months left to freedom! Well, until the next four years of course…