March Madness 2014


Once again college basketball-fever has come around in this years edition of March Madness. As some may recall California teams were humiliated as Cal Berkeley, UCLA, and SDSU failed to make it past the 3rd round, Louisville the team to take home the trophy.

“ They lacked the talent,” Sophomore Connor Lynn said.

The Bears of Berkeley fell short 6 points to Otto the Orange of Syracuse University in New York. Believe it or not the last time a California School has won March Madness was in 1995 when the UCLA Bruins beat Arkansas 89-78 in Seattle Washington.

“Universities in California  haven’t been able to compete with schools like Wichita, or Florida,” Junior Kevin Velo mentioned.

Though the Tournament doesn’t begin until March the 18th, anticipation is rising for another action packed month.

“It’s fun to follow even if you’re not a fan of the NCAA, or even basketball,” Sophomore Dean Swennumson said. “This year I think that Louisville has a chance to get back on top but it’s not often that a team wins back-to-back. The standings put Florida as 1st in the league but who knows, there might be an upset along the way.”

So how have students watched the games, as a majority of the matches have been during school hours?

“When the tournament was going on, guys were almost always on their phones checking the scores, stats or streaming the live games even during class,” said Sophomore Giuliano DiMartini.

At lunch many have been seen rooting on random teams that they selected to do well in their brackets.

“Yeah, alot of people just side with who’s doing well, or if they have some sort of connection to the school with family,” said Sophomore Jake Salamida.

No matter who you root on, one of your friends is likely to be rooting for the same team, or you’re bound to get some beef from opposing fans.