The Stampede

2016-2017 Staff


1st year in class, Junior, likes spending time with friends and avid boba tea enthusiast

Kiarra Earl

This is my first year in Journalism and I like to write when I can.  After school I like to hang out with my friends or play football and basketball with my cousins.  Also, I wrestled for 4 years, basketball my whole life, but...

Katrina Flores

This is Katrina's third year in the journalism class and this year she is the managing editor. In her free time, she enjoys traveling with her family and playing basketball. Katrina dislikes dogs and chocolate.

Sam O’Connell

Sam O'Connell is in his second year of journalism and loves it. He also loves associating himself with politics and partakes in tennis.

Sumin Lim

Sumin Lim is a second year staff member on the Stampede.  She enjoys reading, running, and listening to Christmas music in the middle of summer.  She also has a spot in her heart for Harry Potter, Stranger Things, and dogs...

Lauren Walker

Lauren Walker is the News Editor for the Stampede. She enjoys baking, traveling, and cute videos of cats. She likes really good movies and really bad puns.

Grace Wensley

This is Grace’s third year in journalism and this year she is Editor-in-Chief. Aside from writing and editing for the paper, she is busy applying to college and excited for this next chapter in her life, wherever it takes her...

Tessa Vasconi

Tessa Vasconi is a 1st year journalism student. She has a passion for soccer, but loves all sports. She can't wait for what is to come!

Taylor Ziegenfus

My name is Taylor Ziegenfus, and I am a sophomore.  This is my first year in journalism.  I love playing softball and doing gymnastics.  I also love reading and writing whenever I can.

Robin Hyun

I’m Robin Hyun and I’m a staff writer for the Stampede. This is my second year on staff. In my free time I like to take pictures, read, and draw.

Remy Laflamme

I'm Remy Laflamme and this is my first year on MV Stampede staff. I'm an athletic person and I strive to work hard and do my job. I like writing news and learning about what's going on at Monte Vista....

Adam Al Desouky

This is my first year in the journalism class. I was raised in Cairo, Egypt and have lived there for the majority of my life. I like playing soccer and am interested in world politics.  ...

Tina Sui

My name is Tina Sui. I love to go on hikes, play guitar, and binge watch Criminal Minds and SVU. I’m also a huge coffee connoisseur. This is my second year in journalism.

Natasha Atkins

This is my first year on staff and I am a sophomore. Outside of school I love to play tennis and do many other outdoor activities.

Heather No

My name is Heather No, and this is my first year being a part of The Stampede.  I love to swim, listen to music, shop, and hang out with friends. I’m excited to learn about journalism and discover newsworthy stories around campu...

Claire Chu

Claire Chu is on her first year writing for The Stampede as a freshman. She will always have fun spending time with friends, playing piano, traveling, and watching TV, YouTube, and sports (go giants!). Claire strives to work ha...

Paige Cattich

My name is Paige Cattich and I'm a sophomore at Monte Vista High School. This is my first year in Journalism. I love watching movies, playing with my dog, and going to the gym.

Randall Dobkin

Randall Dobkin, junior at Monte Vista High School. This is my first year of journalism and I am a staff writer. I like to watch football and to be outside, some of my favorite hobbies are rock climbing and mountain biking....

Nima Ashrafi

Nima Ashrafi is a staff writer for The Stampede. This year is his first year writing for the paper. His hobbies include running track and flipping water bottles....

Mikayla Flores

My name is Mikayla Flores. I have been a part of the Stampede Staff for one year now. I am the sports editor. I love running cross country and being a part of the mountain biking club. I am so excited to encourage Stampede Staff Wri...

Michael Rhee

My name is Michael Jae Rhee. I love art, video games, and hanging out with my friends. I’m a sophomore, and this is my first year in Journalism.

Lauren Edelman

Lauren is your typical, yet not so average, junior taking her second year of journalism as the Online Editor.  Her constant stress over school (and SAT!) hasn’t changed, however, she is always on the move - whether it be wit...

Krista Cleary

Krista Cleary is a second year staff member for the stampede. She enjoys reading, sleeping, playing with her dog, and playing in the school band. She is also the Drum Major in the marching band.

Ian Walsh

I am a very active and hard-working person. I enjoy playing video games, writing, and watching TV in my free time.  I actively participate in track-and-field, drama, and marching band

Chris Polo

My name is Chris. This is my second year in journalism. I am really into sports and I play basketball. Later in my life I want to have my own sports radio show or be a journalist for ESPN or Bleacher Report. I’m really excited fo...

Clay McKnight

My name is Clay McKnight and this is my first year on the journalism staff. In my free time I like to play basketball, watch youtube, and hang out with friends. My dream job is to be a sports agent for basketball and football pla...

Tina Sui

Tina Sui is a sophmore at Monte Vista High School. She loves photography, and her favorite T.V. shows are Criminal Minds, and How to Get Away with Murder. In her free time, she likes to play guitar, read books, go to the gym,...

Niru Datta

Niru Ghoshal-Datta is currently a student at Monte Vista High School, and is currently in his first year of being a writer for his student newspaper, The Stampede. He joined the class because of his interest in current events...

Madeline Dailey

Maddie Dailey is a junior at Monte Vista and is thrilled to serve her third year on The Stampede staff as the Op-Ed Editor.  Over the past year, she has unfortunately developed an unhealthy addiction to Grey’s Anatomy.  H...

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